Who We Are and What We Do


Who We Are

SOCON (Special Operations Connection) is a professional member organization of military, law enforcement, first responders and patriotic minded individuals who believe in liberty, family, and community.

Special Operations Connection: SOCON serves as a cultural ethos that connects Military and Law Enforcement with like-minded patriots that choose to be ready, choose to be prepared and that will always find a way; Serves as a voice for Special Operations personnel; Promotes liberty, family and community.

What We Do

We were founded by a group of individuals who have – and continue to – serve our country. Our members share their expertise on emergency preparedness strategies, tactical weaponry, advanced training opportunities, and more. As a national community we band together and seek new ways to be prepared to protect our families, communities, and country.


Members of our SOCON community rally together to share their expertise and continue their learning for the benefit of others. Our high profile members are true patriots who have led the way, and are here for you. Every new SOCON member has the exclusive opportunity to choose one of the teams below to become an integral part of.

Oath — Help yourself. Help your family. Help your community.